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About Us

Finding your "PASSION" one zucchini at a time

Ever since I was a little girl I LOVED business. I mowed lawns with my father when I was just a wee lad for pennies it seemed. I had lemonade stands, sold candy to my friends from a small chest in my bedroom (cavity central), and in the summers I sold zucchini from a small rusty wagon to a bunch of sunbird oldies who would frequently visit our small town. Those nickels and quarters added up to dollars and I was hooked!

At the tender age of 19 my high school sweetheart, and now husband Brian opened a small snowboard and bike shop. For 15 years we ran this store. Working endless hours proved to be harsh! Brian wanted to pursue his dream of building his own custom bicycles ( and I knew there was something special in store for me, but just couldn't quite put my finger on it. We sold our business and moved to a small town where we could focus on living a simple life.

I continued working at my hospital job of fifteen years. I loved it but after working long Holiday hours one Christmas morning with my little children at home without their mama I knew it was time for me to say goodbye.

I started handcrafting picture frames and home decor out of a small storage unit downtown. I worked several hundred hours cutting boards in chilling temperatures, painting and distressing frames like mad, and gluing decor in corners of my homes where kids could not walk. I was exhausted! But I was fulfilled!

Happy to say that I have graduated to a warehouse where I now have heat in the winter and room to grow. I continue to run my company, Rusty Mill, with my now teenage kiddos by my side and Brian continues to build bicycles. We are truly living a simple fulfilling life.

With LOVE,